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I still wonder about my shadow.
Is it just an aberration or is it Worsham Travis?
I always hated my name, Warren.
My great-uncle was named Worsham. I always thought that name was more unique.
Worsham Travis.

The "me" I always wanted to be.
The person who painted these pieces that have sat in storage for years.
In the archives sit many paintings.
The things Worsham wanted to paint but have never been shown or only shown once in their lifetime.
He never had the guts to change his name from Warren to Worsham.
So take them as humble offerings from a Worsham that was never more than an echo, a shadow, or me.


This is a small grouping of work from, Studio 401 Gallerie, of artwork from storage that has not seen the light of day in years.

To make room for new work in the coming new year, we are offering a discounted price.

Please contact my assistant, Ashley Kor, to set an appointment to view the artwork in-person or with any inquiries:



Waterlillies at Stow Lake, Golden Gate Park I, Acrylic on board, 56"x32"


Waterlillies at Stow Lake, Golden Gate Park I, Acrylic on board, 56"x32"


Linea Blanco I & II, Acrylic on mountboard


In a Galaxy Far Far Away, 2017,  Acrylic and fluorescent glitter on board, 54"x67"


Talking to the Sun on Fire Island, Acrylic on wood panel


Black and Blue, Acrylic on wood panel


Dancing with the Grateful Dead, Acrylic on board, 56.5"x44.5"


Waterlillies at Stow Lake, Golden Gate Park II, Acrylic on board, 26"x46"


Dahlia Pink, Acrylic on board

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