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Museum of Performance + Design
     2017 - Oedipus: Thought Sketches by John Warren Travis

• Scene4 Magazine

     05/2014 - International monthly online magazine of Arts & Culture, featured articleSurrender          and Salvation: John Warren Travis on Painting Poems, by Lissa Tyler Renaud

• International Association of Theatre Critics

     06/2013 - Critical Stages: The IATC Webjournal - Some Strange Beast: A Painterly Designer's Search        in Paint and Text — Interview with John Warren Travis, U.S. Designer.​ Lissa Tyler Renaud

Achenbach Foundation

Mac Snodgrass

Cecilia Pang

Katherine Fulwiler Brennand

William & Gene Irvin

Chris & Lisa Ponce

Oren & Mary Dare Resley Ellis

Donald Pattison

Bill Barnaby & Paul Wellman

Deborah Scripps

Fred Harring


Marjorie Harth

Alan Kuharsk

David Littlejohn

Douglas James

Eric Flatmo

Jane & David Achterkirchen

Paul Krueger

Dan Healy and Gerry LeBuda

Michael and Hilary Spicer

Jack Mahan 

Curtis & Cindee Klement

Wayne Pevey & Richard Clay Johnson

Robert & Angela Paton Goldsby

Jonah & Mona Burlingame

Bo & Laura Bollinger

Jill Jack

Robert Rosasco

Don McGuade

Gary Graves

Nancy Parks

Anne & Tom Morton

Sumner House, Pomona College

Chris & Gina Carameros

Suene & Eric Waldman

Justin & Ann Ford

Tricia Kelly & David Moretz

Jonathan Poullard

Margie and Paul Strickland

Shannon Emerick

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